New Year on Newbury Street
Friday Feb 08, 2019 06:30 PM
Friday, Feb 08, 2019 09:30 PM

Membership Council invites you to celebrate the New Year on Newbury Street! Please join us at our beautiful Newbury Street headquarters to kick off the new year with an evening celebration of friends and fun! This is the biggest membership appreciation event of the year and is open to all members, prospective members, and significant others/spouses! Light bites, refreshments, and games will be provided. This is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with all members as well as JL Boston leadership! JL Boston members will earn a full point for attending this membership social event! Don't miss out!

Friday, February 8 - 6:30pm-9:30pm - JL Boston Headquarters - Space is limited – RSVP today!

There is no cost for JL Boston members or their guests to attend this event! Prospective members will be asked to contribute a $10 donation.

*Please note: All guests must be 21 years or older to attend. Non-JL Boston members will be asked for identification upon arrival.

Support One of Our Community Partners! We’ll be hosting a drive to benefit the Jeremiah Program. Please help us support them by bringing feminine hygiene products to this event.

JL Boston Headquarters
117 Newbury Street
Boston MA 02116
Aarsvold, Kirsten
Ahn, Ginger
Allen, Sarah
Armstrong, Katie
Astemborski, Courtney
Azargoon, Sarah
Ball, Melissa
Basak, Jit
Bates, Liza
Bates, Steve
Beagen, Lauren
Beagen, Lauren
Bellio, Marissa
Bernstein, Edward
Bonin, Jordan
Bouyea, Gabrielle
Britt, Rebecca
Brodeur, Gabby
Bucher, Amy
Burke, Michael
Byrd, Kate
Byrd, Matthew
Casavant, Ashley
Castleforte, Caroline
Cerand, Jacqueline
Chaouch, Melina
Childs, Alicia
Connelly, Sarah
Connolly, Katelyne
Connolly, Linnea
Connolly, Meghan
Costa, Anastasia
Costello, Jennifer
Crain, Zoe
D'Agostino, Alexandra
DaFonseca, Grace
Dempsey, Leigh Anne
Dennison, Cassidy
Dimancescu, Kate
Dinapoli, Meghan
DiVito, Elizabeth
Dourney, Cait
Draper, Joanne
Durniak, Lindsay
Eichorn, Sarah
Fairfield-Sonn, Anne
Fairfield-Sonn, Anne
Farrell, Lindsay
Feliciano, Jessyca
Fershtman, Andrea
FitzDaniel, Maura
Fraser, Robert
Galiano, Elizabeth
Giffard, Sarah
Gridley, Kathryn
Guest #1 of 1, [Costello, Jenny]
Guest #1 of 1, [DiVito, Liz]
Guest #1 of 1, [Fershtman, Andrea]
Guest #1 of 1, [Hay, Tori]
Guest #1 of 1, [McGarry, Jen]
Guest #1 of 1, [Meyer, Jessica]
Guest #1 of 1, [Nicola, Tara]
Guest #1 of 1, [Pfaff, Claire]
Guest #1 of 1, [Sawant-Basak, Aarti]
Guest #1 of 1, [Thomsen, Emily]
Guest #1 of 1, [Umoh, Love]
Hamilton, Madlene
Hannan, Hayley
Hanson, Andrew
Hanson, Katherine
Hay, Victoria
Hayes, Katie
Healy, Jonathan
Hemmerdinger, Jennifer
Hipps, Kathleen
Huckabee, Jerrylyn
Iskander, Sherene
Ivicic, Danielle
Jeffery, Jane
Juarez, Joelle
Kaczmarczyk, Katie
Kaslow, Danielle
Keane, Katherine
Kimberly Wells, Guest of
Kissane, Laura
Koniares, Katherine
Lacasse, Alley
Lang, Alex
Larsen, Samantha
Lentz, Michelle
Liang, Sandy
Lucas, Dana
Maihos, Jessie
Maihos, Leah
Mallon, Stacey
Maloney, Erin
Maloy, Tim
Manzi, Guest of Julie
Manzi, Julie
Mathews, Madison
Mathisen, Beth
McGarry, Jennifer
Melanson-Aussem, Sandra
Merriman, Justine
Meyyappan, Madeleine
Moussalli, Susan
Nicola, Tara
Noor, Ishra "Ella"
O'Brien, Kathy
O'Brien, Susan
O'Hara, Colleen
O'Neill, Briana
O’Day, Ryan
Parella, Gianna
Partsch, Chloe
Pash, Elizabeth
Pash, Elizabeth
Pelton, Jennifer
Pfaff, Claire
Poveromo, Jennifer
Powers, Deanna
Quimby, Rachel
Quimby, Rachel
Ranchoff, Brittany
Redding, Sosanna
Reilly Hanna, Shannon
Restrepo, Lauren
Roman, Marisa
Romano, Jack
Russell, Avery
Russell, Avery
Russom, Morgan
Sandoval, Mireya
Sawant, Aarti
Scrubbs, Courtney
Shepardson, Lindsey
Smith, Christie
Soukamneuth, Samantha
Starnella, Nicollette
Stebar, Lisa
Stemen, Corinne
Stevens, Melissa
Strangie, Sarah
Taylor, Colin
Taylor, Jessica
Tellez, Jessica
Thomas, Zakiya
Thomsen, Emily
Tinsley, Katherine
Tinsley, Robert
Umoh, Love
Urlaub, Kaitlyn
Urlaub, Morgan
Vaidyanathan, Veena
Vartanian, Nicole
Vendetta , Alison
Vigneau, Kerilynn
Walker, Brittany
Walker, Kyle
Wall, Blake
Webb, Alison
Wells, Kimberly
Williams, Lori
Wolfson, Molly
Woods, Sarah
Wynn Bernstein, Leaha
Ziegler, Kate
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