Member Happy Hour
Friday Jun 10, 2022 06:30 PM
Friday, Jun 10, 2022 08:00 PM

Unwind after the week and join fellow Members for an in-person happy hour at the Night Shift Owl's Nest on the Esplanade! We welcome all those interested in joining the Junior League of Boston to join us for this happy hour!

All food and drink are self-paid. Space is limited for this event. Attendees are required to follow the venue's vaccination and/or mask policy.

Night Shift Owl's Nest on th ESPLANADE: Between Berkeley & Clarendon Streets along the Storrow Lagoon (use the Dartmouth Street footbridge for access).

Members who register and attend will be awarded 1 Membership Social Event Credit for attending. You must register and attend to receive credit.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact

Please note: Members will be responsible for paying a $25 fine to the League for any event or staffing shift in which they register but do not attend. If you cannot attend the event please cancel your registration prior to the start of the event. Should you be unable to join the event please reach out to Shannon at at least 72 hours after the event to avoid the $25 fine. The fine for the first offense will be waived. To avoid a fine, a member must cancel her registration on Digital Cheetah at least 48 hours before the start of the event. Events are inclusive of all trainings, member events, development events, volunteer staffing shifts, and community service engagements unless otherwise noted. If a member cancels her registration within 48 hours, she may avoid a fine by identifying a replacement attendee and alerting the relevant event contact of the substitution. For events where a waitlist is kept, the member should notify the event contact and will avoid the $25 fine only if someone from the waitlist is able to attend in her place.

For all waitlisted events: by signing up for the waitlist you are signing up for the event. You may get off the waitlist several hours or minutes before the event (you will receive an email). If you are not present and your name is bumped off the waitlist and placed into the event, you may be penalized as a no-show. By removing yourself from the waitlist at least 48 hours before the event, you will not be penalized as a late cancel or no-show if your name is added to the event late. If you are within the 48-hour cancellation policy and you want to be removed from the waitlist, please contact the relevant contact for the event as soon as you can to avoid a fine. You can check your waitlist status on the event page on Digital Cheetah.

Help us celebrate our 115th anniversary by supporting the Junior League of Boston at

Night Shift Owl's Nest Esplanade
Boston MA 02116
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Bailey, Kimberly

Berger, Caitlin

Bouthot, Madelyn

Desjardins, Grace

Gampp, Nicole

Koutsos, Alexandra

Lambropoulos, Sophia

Ledermann, Katie

McAleer, Katie

Mester, Emma

Pyers, Jordan

Raymond, Allison

Rose, Jasmine

Sie, Nada

Stone, Christina

Villemenay, Sophia

Wells, Kimberly

Williams, Claire

Wilson, Jennifer
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