Prospective New Member Open House - 12 April
Sunday Apr 12, 2015 05:00 PM
Sunday, Apr 12, 2015 06:00 PM
We are excited to announce several Prospective Member Open House events at the Junior League of Boston headquarters. These events are a wonderful way to introduce potential members to the League, learn more about our community placements, training, and development opportunities, and to meet current members. We welcome all interested friends, colleagues, and family members to join Valerie Pontiff, President-Elect, for an informative and fun evening.
JL Boston Headquarters
117 Newbury Street
Boston MA 02116
Albon, Danielle

Atkinson, Katie

Azargoon, Sarah

Ball, Melissa

Boutan, Victoria

Brasington, Kathleen

Bresnahan, Marissa

Bulkeley, Emily

Camerota, Catherine

Campbell, Kristin

Chioditti, Danielle

Cohen, Laura

Crowder-Schaefer, Allie

Dudek, Anya

Faught, Lily

Garland, Sara

Garvey, Laura

Gilmour, Shanika

Graves, Olga

Griffin, Cory

Henry, Judith

Herder, Lindsay

Hoffman, Lindsey

Huer, Jennifer

Jepsen, Kira

Johnson, Marielle

Judkins, Kimberley

Kennedy, Meghan

Kuhn, Helena

Laird, Emily

Lykins, Elizabeth

Mann, Emily

Morando, Valerie

Pash, Elizabeth

Perkins, Ashley

Pinder, Tanya

Poerio, Gina

Pyne, Eliza

ramanadham, smita

Robertson, Lara

Rosenfield, Stephanie

Rosenholm, Emily

Tatton, Emily

Thomas, Kate

Whittaker, Dominique

Wisch, Cheryl

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